GABA Supplements Can Help Calm Nerves And Relax Brain By Naturally Inhibiting Neurotransmitters

Gaba Supplement, GABA, Gamma-amino butyric Acid

GABA Supplements Can Help Calm Nerves And Relax Brain By Naturally Inhibiting Neurotransmitters

SUMMARY: Offering a plethora of health benefits according to various online health communities, GABA Supplements can help provide better sleep, enhance overall mood and offer relaxation.

Having healthy brain function is important for anyone looking for optimal health. Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on the internal systems of the body. According to the American Psychological Association, stress can affect the physical health of a person. It reports that extended exposure to stress can alter the body’s immune system. In addition, stress impairs the brain’s ability to block certain toxins and can lead to “aging” conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. Stress can take forms of anxiety or restlessness.

GABA, also known as Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, is found in the brain and is helpful regulating brain activity. It also helps induce relaxation and aid in sleep. Offering details about the beneficial GABA supplement is, a site dedicated in helping educate the public about GABA’s long list of uses for better health and fitness. It is a powerful amino acid that is helpful in many ways and is reported by many to promote weight loss.

“I took the supplement first for its promise of aiding my body’s ability to produce its own growth hormone… a problem for those of us over 40. Well, the benefits were quite amazing. GABA has been one of maybe 4 supplements I’ve ever taken in my life that has had such a positive effect on my body and mental attitude. I am a believer,” says Jay Turner of

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid is found in the brain and is used to promote normal neurotransmitter activity. By helping regulate the firing of neurons it can trigger some glandular activity and mediating activities in the muscle. Some body building communities advocate use of GABA to help support production of hormones that assist in building lean muscles. It’s noted to specifically increase the level of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body.

However, some studies in the medical communities claim that this is a placebo effect and further research is necessary to conclusively determine its true effectiveness. However, it has been established that there is a link between low GABA in the brain and depression.

According to, the supplement has no taste and should be taken with juice or water. The recommended dosage is 750 milligrams twice a day. Before taking any supplement or medical treatments, it’s important that users consult their physician first.

Those interested in learning more about GABA and what other health benefits it offers can visit for more information.


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